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Okuizumo Orochi train trip (October 2020)


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YouTube member nimo5 just posted an excellent backward moving and forward moving zenmen tenbō video of a trip on the Okuizumo Orochi tourist train from Izumoshi to Bingo-Ochiai Stations:



I especially like the very nice autumn weather taken during this video.

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I love these lines, so much just a few feet from the tracks, single track so it doesn’t take up much scene space at all. Really want to do some Fremo type layout sometime like 1’x2’ modules with single track either middle or drifting around some here and there.



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I second that!  I have been trying to sort out a track plan with that idea in mind.  I have also been thinking of a way to model that type of train.  I have a Tomix DE-10 in the blue freight color that I think would work.  Not sure how to model the rest of the train - but it is on my ever lengthening project idea list.


Tony Galiani

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