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Tired of teleworking from home? Get a change of atmosphere by working in an express train!

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As a full-time remote worker, let me tell you about the out-and-back routes I use when a change of scenery is in order... Chuo Line out to Otsuki and back is a nice one. You don't get a table of course, but that's why it's called a laptop...

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The artist has rendered suprisingly large windows for a Shinkansen...


Short break from work the other day :D



(not that I do that every day mind you...)

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8 hours ago, railsquid said:

The artist has rendered suprisingly large windows for a Shinkansen...


The interior also looks suspiciosly similar to the one of the swiss SBB-CFF-FFS EW4 panorama cars...

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Another similar article from The Asahi Shimbun; 17 Feb 21

Work carriages offer bullet train riders a high-speed office   3 photos included



Includes Free Wi-Fi, special glasses to assess the wearer’s concentration level and alcoholic antiseptic wipes are available at a workspace on a Tohoku Shinkansen.


The previous Japan Today article is no longer available for view.



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