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Otira Railway Tunnel in the southern alps of New Zealand


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Captured the procedure for taking a train through the 8.5km long Otira Tunnel. This tunnel was completed in 1923 and has a gradient of 1 in 33. Originally electric locomotives were employed to help run trains through the tunnel. 



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Thanks for posting, the earlier electric locos were certainly cleaner - do you know if the tunnel doors are still there?  I am at that age that I can still remenber the original electrics and the later Toshiba replacements and of course steam locos cutting through the snow.

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Jugderdemidiin Gurragchaa

I believe the tunnel doors are still there, I took the trip about 5 years ago on the new carriages and I'm sure I remember them mentioning the doors when they gave their spiel about the tunnel over the intercom.

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