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The secret piece of information hiding in plain sight on Tokyo’s subway signs

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hah i never knew that! Useful fun fact! 


Though one would still need to walk to the next entrance that is closer to the line they wanna take... so it's about walking on the street or walking below...  It might help if there are multiple lines to that particular entrance/ exit and you can take the line that is nearest to that particular entrance/ exit...


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I hadn't noticed that, but where there's space they usually put the distance in metres to the line(s) in question.


Half the battle is being familiar with the general layout, a lot of stations are so sprawling it's often much quicker (and nicer) to stay above ground and walk to the most convenient entrance. For example, if your intent was to go on the Ginza Line at Ginza station, you'd be doing yourself a massive disservice by going down this entrance.

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