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Long story short: I need H0m wheelsets with axle as long as regular H0. The model is Tomix TaKi1000 tanker (product code HO-727/728/729), wheel diameter is 10mm, measured with calliper on rolling surface. No idea where should I look for, as this type of part is highly unusual - regular H0m wheelsets are the same as in TT, so they have too short axle.

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43 minutes ago, roadstar_na6 said:

Here is an instruction how to modify existing axles from H0 to H0m.

Sounds good, doesn't work. This shortens the axle, and that's my point - to keep the axle at the original length and change only the gauge. The bogies themselves seem to have correct width.

EDIT: I didn't notice the extruding part of the axle.

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I didn't notice one thing
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Then you will need Atlas, Athearn, or Kadee wheel sets. Many of them have a plastic insulator between the axle and the wheel, some on both sides. The trick is finding a wheelset with spacers on both sides.

Your best bet for cheap would be Athearn Blue Box wheels, although they'll require work to make look nice since they're half metal half plastic.

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