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Worbla for use in Train Layouts?

Yugamu Tsuki

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Has anyone used Worbla before for their layouts? It's a shoe prototype material used often in cosplay weapon and armor work. It comes in large sheets that you cut and warm with a heat-gun to cookie dough consistency before shaping. Once cooled it stays rock solid until you heat it again. Usually you use it to completely cover craft foam shapes for added rigidity and cost cutting. The best part of it is once it is cookie dough consistency it sticks to itself well thus you never have throw away scraps since you can just roll them up together and recycle. Below are cut scraps, some scraps heated and put together, and a helmet I made a few years ago.


They have come out with a clear version but I have yet to play with it. I'm wondering if this would be good stuff for landscaping.


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Interesting material, nope never seen that mentioned for scenery use. Might be some places it could be of use on details. For any amount of scenery it looks like it could get expensive fast. I see micromark has their own version of it, just added to an order about to go in, always love new materials to play with.

For little stuff to mould and form I usually just use the polymer clays and bake to harden, but they do shrink a tad. I’ve also looked sideways at the cosplay and kids foam clays you can mould/form then just let dry out, but not sure how well it will work long term and what effect paint may have on it. Some of the air dry stuff gets soft again with some moisture.



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