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Japan Post will increase postal fees and reclassify USA starting April 1, 2021

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Japan Post will increase the shipping costs for all parcels starting April 1, 2021.


On top of that, USA, which was previously zone 2 (same zone as Europe), will now be zone 4 (USA zone), drastically increasing the prices.


All prices can be seen here https://www.post.japanpost.jp/int/2021fee_change/index_en.html

All part of the Trump administrations "we will quit the UPU unless they increase postage into/out of the USA" stuff that happened last year btw. https://time.com/5687134/trump-universal-postal-union-deal/

Japan Post has not increased their postage fees since 1996. So I guess it's only fair.

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Not too bad really.


At lower weight, it is worse. At higher weight, it is better.

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Yes the light weight packages were pretty ridiculously low priced for SAL for a very long time. I saved many train sets worth of savings with it over the last couple of decades. But I guess that has to come to an end. Still reasonable for international shipping. It’s astoundingly expensive to export even a small package from the us now. Even first class envelopes are getting bounced if much of anything at all in them thickness and stiffness wise.


even if politics normalize some I doubt prices will ever go down once having been raised.



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