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Coupler Question - Kato 11-702 and 11-712

Tony Galiani

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I have been working my way through the back postings about couplers as I want to change out the Rapido couplers on some of my rolling stock.  I was about to use the Kato 11-702 as a replacement for these when I came across a post that indicates the 11-702 is for rolling stock while the 11-712 is for locomotives.

I took a look at my Kato DF-50 and it comes with 11-712 as optional replacements for the standard Rapido couplers.  So I am thinking I need to order both types.  Does that seem to be the way to go?


Tony Galiani

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My cars are all equipped with 11-702.


EDIT: Most Kato locos these days come with Z01-0224

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Kato 11-702 are drop in for most kato rapido style couplers.  These are what fit most kato coaches and freight cars, and also are the type used on older locomotives.  Newer locomotives which use a different style of coupler will usually come with knuckles in the bag of detail parts along with the locomotive.   


Kato 11-712 appears to be repackaged mircotrains couplers, and my guess is locomotives would need modification to fit them.  It may be easier to just buy microtrains couplers locally as I am not sure the kato version is any different.  

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Hi Tony,


Kiha 66 is right!


Kato 11-702 is a black drop in knuckle coupler replacement for standard rapido couplers. They can also be used for TOMIX and MicroAce stock: just remove the rapido coupler & spring, and 11-702, 11-707, 11-721 will drop right into the coupler pocket. 707 is moulded in grey and 721 has moulded jumper cables. Parts number 11-703 and 11-704 are also drop in replacements for rapido couplers, but they are Shibata Scharfenberg couplers.


11-712 (along with 710 and 711) is a MicroTrains Magne-Matic coupler, but I agree with Kiha 66, it would probably require modifications to the loco.


Your DF-50, as with all Kato locos, should come with replacement knuckle couplers included. My DE-10, EF-81, EF-210, and EF-510s have all come with them included. The included knuckle couplers in Kato locos will couple with 11-702, 707, 721 and 722, as well as MicroTrains couplers.


All my freight stock, from both Kato and TOMIX, as well as the outer ends of my Hokutosei and Cassiopeia train-sets are fitted with 11-702 and 11-707, and it all couples reliably!



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Thank you Tony for asking this question and thank you to those that responded. I need to change out many freight car couplers and now I know which ones I need to buy. 😊

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