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Happy Halloween!


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I thought I'd do something train themed for the occasion.  Wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday.  



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We have some pretty elaborate houses in our neighborhood.   


One house puts all sorts of lights around the house and windows that animate to fun images that are synced to music with one of those local FM transmitters.  


Another fills the front yard with all sorts of zombies, skeletons, spiders, etc. All large man sized for the most part. 

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Only a Saleman, General Manager, and I were in the office last Friday so we had a really small Halloween party (read as costumes and mini pot luck).

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Give me a few minutes to make sure there's no classified information caught by accident. It was nice though; I never really got a chance to talk to the guy on a personal level (sales) and it turns out we're both into the same niche hobbies. I'm even lending him some concert dvds and hopefully after Covid is cleared up if his Visa is still good maybe we'll go to some Lives together.

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Me on the left. Temporarily modified my China Rail hat with a concert pin (suitable for a concert tour called "Happy Party Train").


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Nice to be able to socialize and find someone with common interests like that, I’ve always worked at places where there was a lot of socialization and friendships formed. I use to take my teams out for beers or get the company to cough up some money for friday volleybeer. Made a big difference and made work a whole lot more fun for everyone. best way to get team work w.o all the ra ra Corp crap.

Many are still friends today and end up passing work around as freelancers and jobs. It’s the “real” social/business networking!



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