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200 Shinkansen double decker cars...

Tokyo West

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Hey all - Michael here. 


Well, after successfully moving back to the UK and completing some work projects, I've finally got time to run some trains - and at present, I'm doing so on my Dad's huge US outline N scale layout, which he's been building since 1985. Needless to say, my 100 series looks a little strange flying around upstate Washington, but it's nice for them to stretch their legs.


After having collected 8-car sets of most of the JR West Shinkansen (100, 300, 500, 700) and one of the JR East (E7), I've fallen in love with the various weird and wonderful Tohoku Shinkansen, and looking at getting some more - but I've come up against a problem with the lovely 200 series (H set)


I've set a limit for my Shinkansen consists at 8 cars, because they are perfectly realistic looking in N scale and on most layouts. However, the Tomix 200 series H sets are available only in a basic set of 6 cars, with the two double deck cars split between a 3 car set and a further 7 car set. The total for all three is not much short of 400 pounds UK, and I don't really want to spend the money on an extra 8 cars I'll almost never be able to run.


Does anyone know a way of getting the two double decker cars separately...? Then I'd just need a basic set of 6 to make a complete train, which would match my 8 car 100 series very nicely. 





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You could try getting individual cars from Yahoo Auctions, there‘s usually a bunch of them for sale.

Just check if there‘s any through zenmarket.jp

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You could also try to get the E1s or the E4s, both of which are double deckers and look really nice also ~ They come in 2 colours each, renewal and before renewal colours. 


You could go for a 6-car E1 Max, or a 8-car correct full consist E4 Max ~

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Is it for the 200-2000 H3 or H4 set?  The version with the sharp pointed nose rather than the blunt nose? If so, the Tomix add-on car is #2830 - J.R. Type 249-2000 Coach.  The base set for this car is #92625 - J.R. Series 200-2000 Tohoku Shinkansen (Basic 6-Car Set).


This set was released c.2007.  I suggest you try auction sites.  I have a full 16-car consist ... sorry, it isn't for sale.

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