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Быстроходный танк - Soviet BT series fast tanks

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As I mentioned in the "Hobby Fatigue" thread, I'm working on some scale plastic models for a bit of a diversion. Among them are a pair of 1/35th scale Soviet fast tanks, the BT-2 and later BT-7. The BT-2 kit is by Zvezda. It's fairly simple to build and goes together without any problems. The fit of the parts is excellent, and there's no flash to clean up. The tracks are supplied as individual links that must be assembled, which is something new for me. Most of my armour modelling was back in the days of moulded vinyl tracks - often the cause of some very choice language!




The BT-7 kit is by Tamiya, and is a bit more complex. But as you'd expect, it's beautifully designed and engineered, and goes together very neatly. It's only partly assembled here so I can check for fit as I go, and have access to the interior for painting. I've always been fascinated by the Russian Christie tanks, so getting these kits has made me really happy.











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