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New Japan Rail Pass for non-Japanese passport holders coming soon

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Useful to know, I think I might just be taking advantage of that.


From the article:


Now, for the first-time ever, JR East has created a Rail Pass for all foreign passport holders in Japan, regardless of their visa status.


This is not true, they had a 3-day Kanto area pass (I forget the exact name) for 10,000 yen with no visa status restrictions. This one looks much better value though.

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The Tohoku Shinkansen has been running pretty empty- I was on a Hayabusa service last month and had the green car almost to myself most of the journey, particularly north of Sendai.  I suppose this targets Zainichi Chinese and Koreans the most, as they make up like 70 to 80% of the foreigners living in Japan.  

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