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Mini orb-it cordless hand vac

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I just bought the Black & Decker Orb-it cordless hand vac. Tinny but powerful, it's  great to vac my kato track and around small stuff around the house, and it looks very cool. 

Unfortunately it seems to be out of production but, still available in some places.

If anyone decides to get one, I recommend to check carefully which model they are getting. Black & Decker had several color models like the Orb36, the Orb48, the Orb 2 ... and the Orb72 (last in production).   

The older models were using 3.6V and 4.8V cadmium rechargeable batteries. Many people complained about the batteries dying and being too expensive to replace. 

So, the Orb72 it's the one to get. It uses a 7.2V lithium battery powerful enough to have good suction and enough charge to finish the job(s). 


Link for a japanese review, (Note: It seems that somewhere they say that the filter can't be washed. That is not true).


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I've got a 16V lithium Black and Decker cordless and it is great for general household use and no battery issues. One of the better investments I've made.


BLACK + DECKER CHV1410L 16 volt Lithium Cordless Dust Buster Hand Vac


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