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Just For Fun Unitram


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..back to Paul's layout though, I was browsing Google Earth as you do (actually I haven't in a while) and I found a Plaza in Nagasaki which looks very much like Paul's raised one!

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I assembled all the Outland buildings and had a play positioning them on the layout.








not done anything to them yet just messing about positioning them,except for this one,instead of advertising signs I ve used pics of my grandkids.

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Yesterday I decided on the final position of the buildings so I set about constructing the office blocks.

Same as with the back they will need to be removed for track cleaning and any future wiring.I used the same method of hotglue and card.

It s been a bit of a challenge mainly through trying to route the wiring for the lights.

Once together I removed the fronts,glazed the buildings and added lights and detail,usual chaos inside with wire and hot glue but fairly sturdy to be fair,








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cracking work Paul, but slow down a bit mate, the rest of us cant keep up! seriously though really like this layout.


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1 hour ago, TimWay4 said:

Those outland buildings don't look too bad, they look pretty good with the adverts added as well

they offer Superb value for money and require a bit of imagination to make theM presentable but it’s not dificult.

The big advantage for me is that they re very basic with no small parts which means they re easy to assemble with my arthritic hands😂😂👍

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That's amazing work as always Paul, great job mate! 


10 hours ago, Pauljag900 said:




This is a pretty good picture for halloween, that figure is kinda scary and sort of reminds me of someone who a profound interest in a gold piece on his finger....  😆

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