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Just For Fun Unitram


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A joint thread for Paul and myself on our current Unitram just for fun projects.


Checking out an HO scale Atlas Lisbon tram on Unitram.  More to follow...


IMG_8305 1024 x 768.jpg

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Not sure, but you can run one for sure.  Widest spot is the steps and as these are single end cars created from  a traditional double end design there are now only steps on one side.


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Track is here, prepped and now on the layout.  Still some leftovers from the previous layout to be assigned a home.


Your turn buddy.

IMG_8313 crop 1024 x 768.jpg

IMG_8311 1024 x 768.jpg

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I had nt realised the thread had been started bill😂😂😂👍


from now on. I ll post here.As I ve already posted on a diferent thread I ll leave it for now but will post tomorrow after I ve positioned the controllers etc.

Looking good Bill,and it was pure coincidence (and limited space) that we ve more or less ended up with the same track plan👍👍😀

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So I messed about for an hour this morning and decided to use the transition track but I removed the 2x124 Unitram straights.

It looks better for the shed entrance and meant I could extend the loop with the 124’s.I figured it wo nt look so bad once I get some other stuff on there.







the two small brackets at the back are just to stop it tipping up if I lean on it and will be hidden by buildings.

next job will be to bring the base up to track level,7mm.Forthis i musing 5mm foam board and 2mm grey card on top.


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My just for fun small streetcar layout is coming along. Working on the balsa and styrene infill.  I love the way this 14-503-1 tram runs slowly around the layout making clicking sounds as it runs.




IMG_8325 1024 x 768.jpg

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I know these buildings are basic and require some detail work but that’s part of the fun but they re so cheap and go together perfectly.

i assembled all of them in about 35 minutes and they took 9 days to arrive and cost less than £45 inc postage👍👍😀




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Spent some time last two days finishing the infill and laying the roads,there ll be a couple of junctions across the middle but not sure where yet until I get some more buildings.

This is how it may look,









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I still have some work to do on the insert boards inside the tram track. Everything right now is preliminary. Don't know if this is the way I want  to go or not.

IMG_8333  1024 x 768.jpg

IMG_8332 cropped 1024 x 768.jpg

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After almost two days of cursing and swearing this is as far as I ve got.

i can t do anymore as I need some more straight road pieces which I ll order tomorrow.

I ve managed to create a buisness area at the back and two blocks plus a side area at the front.

The squared corners on the track curves which form part of the road when using track plates will probably be covered with grass for no reason other than to add some colour.

This is pretty much the viewing angle when in the shed,




center area roughly marked out ,



How clever of those designers and engineers at Dyson to make the brush attachment the exact width as the Unitram!😂😂😂

not sure mrs M would be impressed tho so I better put it back👍😀



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On 10/3/2020 at 4:59 AM, cteno4 said:

Oh man they just added a bunch of new models! Owie to the credit card!



I just ordered another 9, yeh,ouch!!😂😂

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1 minute ago, JR 500系 said:

That's great job as usual Paul buddy! Looking forward to seeing the trams run!

Thanks Sammy.

unfortunately it ll be two green pocket line ones for now,there does nt seem to be too many about at the moment but that’s fine while I build up the layout👍👍😀

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As I need to lift the layout from time to time for wiring I need to make the tall buildings around the outside edges removable.

i removed the fronts and the Center floors and hot glued around the edges,fitted lights then placed a strip of 2mm card in between the buildings and across the back and glued it,thus creating one piece,fitted a plugable connector and added some coloured acetate and signs.

I ll do this with all the others in blocks of 3 or 4.

Admitedly hot glue is untidy but it does a good job and wo nt be seen.








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I do enjoy some hot glue gun action myself, love your buildings, it's not something I have attempted as yet but I think I need to crack on ..


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Outland are really easy to put together but need lots of little additions like the window acetate, interior floors, and painting detailing (most are not painted), but are an inexpensive and easy way to do a bit of rolling your own building look without starting from scratch.





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I ve just ordered another 12 buildings from them which they’re going to ship with my last order,21 buildings in total.👍😀

I ve looked around and the prices for Uk delivery is ridiculous from the normal sources For tomix and Kato so I thought may as well stick with the Outland models and detail them myself which should be fun in itself.

Now I need to order some paint and more acetate 👍👍😀

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