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Hello From Chicago

Yugamu Tsuki

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Hello, my name's Ken.


When I was a kid I always wanted to get into railroading but never got farther than a basic Bachmann [toy] set-up. Starting a few years ago I began to get back into the hobby (but was hot-and-cold with it since I never really had the space for it) so I started collecting a few pieces of track here and maybe a building there. Due to my lack of space I decided to start looking into N scale instead of the HO gauge I was used to.


Last year I took a several week trip to Japan and was able to see a D52 they had on display in Numazu, Shizuoka and then took the Hayabusa shinkansen from Tokyo to Hakodate and back. I visited a few train stores in Akihabara but never picked up anything. During a random conversation last month (ironically on August 6th, or 8/6/20 for us) a friend rekindled the fire in me. With the virus I don't think I'll be able to go to Japan again for a while so I started to collect parts of my trip in N scale . I just purchased my first locomotive, Kato's 8620 (see above ironic date), and hope to be able to get a Kato powerpack by next month. 


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Welcome, glad you found us and japanese trains. They re addictive, especially after a visit to japan. Good news is you can order stuff easily from the US. covid has just pushed shipping up some as the cheaper options are not available with limited passenger flights, but even with the express shipping isn’t not horrible as the trains are very reasonably priced.


if space is tight you might look into Ttrak and making small modules you can set up for a while on folding tables and also play with others at larger shows and events with local clubs.


theres a few others on the forum from the Chicago area.




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Thank you all!


The idea about the modules is an interesting one. Then when I eventually move to a larger house and can have a dedicated room I can always incorporate the modules into a more permanent layout.

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Folks do this quite a bit to do as you did or just have bits they can use to play with others and also on the home layout. They also make nice dioramas for the book shelf. Fun way to play with others some or even just do a small public show at a library for a day or a cultural event. 



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