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Musashino Marshalling Yard


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Between Yoshikawa Station and Misato Station on the Musashino Line that passes through Saitama Prefecture, there was a Musashino Marshalling Yard, one of the largest in Japan (5.2km long, 350m wide).


The Musashino Marshalling Yard, which was completed in 1974, was abolished in 1986 due to the decline in freight transportation and changes in the freight train transportation format.




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Very interesting, Bill.  I subscribe to this guy on YT and was going to post this video but... didn't. 😞  His maps, diagrams, and animations are excellent and easy to understand.


Kinda blows my mind that they built it only to shut it down and pull up the track a decade later.  No indication that things might change, and no reason to keep even a little bit of it?  There are three freight terminals along the line, maybe those yards give them the space to do whatever they need.   Shin-Misato Station was built in 1985 and its platforms remained 360 meters apart, a world record apparently, until 1999.  Development of the land was finally started around '07 or '08.  I wonder how the original costs vs the sale of the land turned out financially.

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