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Wuppertal Schwebebahn flying trains


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Moma just released a short on the hanging Wuppertal system from 1902.


Nice uprezed and colorized Verizon to music


And amazingly still going!





on my bucket train ride list,





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53 minutes ago, cteno4 said:

And amazingly still going!


Well, not really. The new trains that have replaced the old trains have not been tested properly, and it turned out (of course after all the old trains have been scrapped/taken out of service) that the new trains cause excessive wear on the track. The Schwebebahn will, once again, not run for a whole year (there are only sporadic services in weekends) so the track can be fixed and more tests can be performed to find the cause of the excessive wear. The last time it was not running was between 2018 and 2019 because 350 m track fell down.



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I was hoping to pop over this spring for a weekend visit to Wuppertal plus at Volkswagen parkrun in Dortmund... Alas, Corona has put pay to that. Maybe next year. Although I want to get back over to MiWuLa next year. Hopefully there will be some sort of normality by then.

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On 9/2/2020 at 7:45 AM, Martijn Meerts said:

I prefer the old version. No cars, far fewer people 😉


but points out the need for it now!


this is a popular science cover that always reminds me of the Wuppertal. I made it into a tee shirt big on the front and a grid of smaller other train covers on the back.





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