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Tony Galiani

My First Post Cataract Modelling Projects

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Tony Galiani

I finally completed my first post-cataract surgery modelling projects - a little over a month since my surgeries.  It has taken some time due to adapting to my new vision but the time frame is also due to having part of my house under renovation (fun, fun, fun) and the start of my university's Fall term which has caused me to be surprisingly busy (though no complaints about that - happy to be able to get back on Campus from time to time.)


I have some prescription reading glasses on order for modelling purposes but started these well before that.

I am not sure how a German wursthaus showed up on the container pad on Chihiro Horikowat but there it is, with an AN 8800 series DMU parked on the track next to it.


The DMU is a Tomytec model I purchased and assembled for my Chihiro Tetsudo project.  I wanted to see (so to speak) what I could do to improve it.  There is a web site that has pictures of every AN unit so I had some photos to go on.  Interestingly, they seem to be either really clean or somewhat dirty - no in between in the photos I found.

From an idea I found on the forum, I spray painted the weights a light gray to make them less conspicuous.  Then Tamiya Panel Line Accent Color for the fans and grills.  Some of the windows have curtains made from masking tape - the color is close to what I was seeing in the prototype photos.  Finally, I mixed up a light brown wash for the undercarriage and the fall plates and lower front panels.


The wursthaus is a Vollmer kit that I painted and lightly weathered.  This was the first time I used chalk paint and I am pleased with the results.  It still needs more work.  Inspire by Mahaima Eki's Sankei kits I want to add more detail but that will have to wait.  I also want to come up with better signs than were in the kit.  I am thinking of featuring currywurst since I fill had that on my last trip to Germany. 


I can't quite tell how well these came out but I am pleased to be modelling again.


Tony Galiani



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Tony, great work! Glad to see your eyes are back in action and working well! 



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