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Hello from North Carolina USA


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Greetings from a new member of the forum. The name here is Cliff and I am recently semi-retired from 40+ years in the railroad industry. I say semi-retired as I am still providing consulting services on railroad operations to a couple of regional rail passenger and freight systems. Railroading is a hard habit to break.


I have been a lifelong collector and sometimes actual modeler in a variety of scales from G to Z. I currently collect in On30, HO, N and Z Scales and model in N Scale. Over the years, I have a developed a rather sizeable collection of locomotives and rolling stock in those scales, mostly of US prototype.  Yes, I admit to being a bit excessive in collecting. I have recently though rekindled an interest in Japanese Railway equipment and operations, both historic and modern.  My collection of N Scale Japanese prototype models numbers about forty pieces exclusively of KATO manufacture. It is a somewhat eclectic collection though ranging from the steam era though modern equipment.


I found this forum by doing some web searching for information on Japanese railways.  I have been collecting just about every English language volume that I can find on Japanese railways but I have not found a great deal of material published on the subject in English. In my short time here, I have found the forum to be a wealth of valuable information.


Just wanted to introduce myself and send my best wishes to all here. Thank you for all of the help you have provided and I’m sure I will need even more of your kind assistance in the future.  If I can answer anything regarding US railroad operations, please feel free to ask.


My best wishes and please be well,


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Welcome cliff! Glad you found us.


careful Japanese trains can be a slippery slope! Before you know it your book shelves are full of train bookcases (they make it so easy to just slide them onto a shelf!).


you will find RR operators from around the world here, so great to have one from the us to compare notes with and local information.


look forward to seeing you around the forum.





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I think you will enjoy it here as we have the full spectrum from serious modelers to train fans and every permutation in between! Also lost of interest in worldwide trains as well and a nice, friendly group.





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Welcome, Cliff.


A globally diverse group here, and your 1:1 scale experience will surely attract questions. Plus you tease us with an AMTK call sign. 


Myself, back to scale trains after 30 years pursing other hobbies, particularly 1:700 scale naval models that made for many interactions with Japanese modelers and shops. Finally succumbed to N-scale and am collecting (a bit haphazardly) Japanese passenger and freight stock while planning a permanent layout. This has been a friendly and knowledgeable source of support and encouragement for me and I hope you find it the same.


I've made room for Amtrak in my collecting and running as well. Grew up on the NE corridor and have used it plenty for professional travel as well. So while Japanese prototypes are the primary focus, I've been collecting all the Amtrak trains I've ridden and having largely completed that quest for NE corridor and Hudson Line trains over the years, am now questing for full consists from my two trans-continental trips. Allowances for D&H (local heritage here in Upstate NY) and VIA (just because of lovely paint schemes and a dedicated manufacturer in Rapido) and there's always something tempting me.


Looking forward to seeing you on the forum.




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