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Minato Line Kihas


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Roxanne & I have pledged support for the Kiha 222 restoration and shrine conversion.  Pledges are going through the Japanese crowdfunding site Readyfor.  Registering at Readyfor was a little tricky, they are only set up for Japanese addresses.  They do have a workaround for non-residents, and this appears to have worked — details here: 


I hope they raise the funds and we can visit the tetsudo shrine!

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2 hours ago, cteno4 said:

Ohh nice little modeling scene! 

Yesss!  The iron torii is a very sweet touch.

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There is a series of promotional videos to encourage movie and TV productions to film in Ibaraki.  This four part in the series focuses on transportation locations, the opening shot and the final portion is a great slide show of Kihas of the Minato Line:


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