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75th Anniversary in Hiroshima


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Visiting Hiroshima was one of the most memorable places I’ve gone while traveling in my life — mainly peace park and presentations and discussions with hibakusha (survivors) there as well as the museum. Once you immerse yourself in that and then seeing be bustling new city around you later it makes a different impact, kind of like a strange double image that brings home how all that can change in an instant. I remember having a flash back while riding the streetcar to a panoramic picture at the museum looking down a Main boulevard with street car tracks on it and everything in site leveled and a lone burnt out street car was the only recognizable thing in the whole picture other than the boulevard and track.


Here is to never seeing nuclear weapons used again.


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I agree, it was very sobering visiting there which left an indelible mark on me.

It was also a lovely city to visit that I intended to go back to this Christmas, but no travel at present.

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