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Split, Croatia - Mid/Late August

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I'll be going on vacation in Split, Croatia between the 12th and the 27th of August, and there are a few questions i'd like to ask:

Now, Split is served by the "Dalmatian Railway" (Line M604), operated by the national railway company of Croatia: Hrvatske Zeleznice (HZ). It's a non-electrified single-track line opened in the era of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Rolling stock on the line (according to Wikipedia and Railfaneurope.net) is made up of:


- Class 7123 "ICN" tilting DMUs (identical to DB's BR 612) for Split-Zagreb Express Services

- Class 2044 Diesel Locomotives (GM G26-type built under license in Yugoslavia) hauling UIC-type coaches with the old manually-operated folding doors for local and express services

- Class 7122 DMUs (Ex-SJ Y1s manufactured by Fiat in 1976 and bought after the Balkan Wars) for local services only


Plus the occasional freight services hauled by Class 2062/2063 Diesel Locomotives (themselves too GM-licensed built G26s).


As the Dalmatian Railway is quite scenic, i was thinking about making a daytrip to Sibenik, taking a train from Split up to Perkovich Station (wich is the junction between the line for Split and for Sibenik) and changing there for a Sibenik-bound local train.


From my understanding (and from observation of YouTube videos), the Split-Perkovich local services are operated by Class 2044 diesel locomotives plus UIC coaches and the Perkovich-Sibenik services are operated by Class 7122 DMUs.


According to HZ's official website, a daytrip from Split to Sibenik is quite feasible, but i think it'll be better to ask to the Split Station staff once i'm there.

My first question is: are the 7122s still running in their nice red/blue/grey livery or in the ex-SJ orange livery or were all repainted into the quite bad "HZPP" white livery?


Split does have a small but interesting "suburban service" running from Split-Harbour station to Kastel Stari station. According to Wikipedia, the service is operated by Class 7122, Ex-SJ Y1 DMUs, but also mentions that new (quite ugly) Koncar-made 7023 DMUs were to be introduced on the line in Summer 2019. 


Besides a few videos of test runs, i didn't find any "evidence" of the new Koncar DMUs being in full-service, therefore my second question is: is this service still operated by Ex-SJ Y1s or by Koncar DMUs (either partially or completely)?

The third, customary question (for an Italian railfan) is: is there any restriction (past, present or future) about taking pictures of trains?

Now, i never had any particular trouble in other vacations, but it's better to be safe than sorry.


The fourth question is: are there any railway museums (or other railway-related things) worth visiting around Split?


The final question is: being that Split is quite a large town, are there any noteworhty model railway shops?

I was looking in particular for a "souvenir-like" model, possibly an old Mehano "Made in Yugoslavia" one. The Muni Boeing-Vertol LRV intrigues me quite a bit, as it's possibly one of Mehano's quirkiest models, and it should be easily avaible, as it was produced for almost 30 years straight (from 1981 to 2008)!

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