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Konnichiwa from Japan


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Hello everyone,


My name is Hide and living in Tokyo Japan. I am 68 and started this hobby when I was 13.

Since then, I have been purchasing finished vehicles and kits from time to time.


My other hobby is theater-going (My avatar is the mascot of the National Theater, which is performing Kabuki and Bunraku, and is called Kurogo-chan).



This Coronavirus disaster made it impossible and gave me a lot of free time. So I’m trying to create a proper Layout and provide a place for the vehicles to run.

My favorite is Japanese style narrow gauge HO762, and

want to run with HO1067, HO1435 vehicles.


Here, I would like to introduce the model railroad magazine I bought first 55 years ago.

TMS (Tetsudou Mokei Shumi) Feb.1965 No.200 Special issue.


All photos have TMS permission by phone, cause TMS does not have an  e-mail address anywhere in  issues.

I hope someday the digital archive of TMS can be used easily like Model Railroader. (Totemo Mottainaidesu)


From the left, No.942 the latest issue, No.209 with the cover photo of Mr. Mamoru Sakamoto’s groundbreaking module, No.200 with the cover photo of Mr.Tomihiro Kubota’s C54 with sound.


The left page is notice of the first release, N scale model of C50 and Oha 31 passenger car by Sekisui Kinzoku=KATO.


Various 200 type drawings.




Introducing the narrow gauge of late Mr.Tetsuro Akai(former editor) for 4 pages.


Announcement of winning the layout design competition.

This is the first prize plan by Mr.Ikuo Shinoda.


16ban trolley line layout, using overhead line current collector by Mr. Itsuaki Niibayashi.


There are lot of excellent articles comparison with today, and you can understand why I was obsessed with this hobby 🙂

I also started a blog. It’s in Japanese, but if you like it, please take a look 🙂


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Thank you for warm replies.



16ban=16ban gauge, is standard name in Japan, means scale1/76~1/87 gauge 16.5mm.


And this model is scale1/80  gauge16.5mm, commonly used in Japan as like Kato and Tomix etc.



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Thank you for posting the photos of that very inspiring magazine!

I still have the earliest most inspirational train magazine I bought, it might have been the first one, from when I was 12.  Railroad Model Craftsman, January 1972 with amazing photos of the Gorre & Daphetid by legendary modeller John Allen.



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maihama eki

Konnichiwa, Hide-san,


I am amazed that you have magazines from when you were 13.


Railroad modeling in 1965 required some excellent skills. 


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Funnily enough I picked up the current TMS edition the other week as it had a couple of articles which interested me.

I've also got some much older issues, as they are often available  very cheaply, and have some interesting ideas/prototype information.

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Hi Hide san! Welcome to the forums! Thanks for sharing that interesting magazine! Have fun here!

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Thank you for all warm welcome.




Thank you for the photo 🙂

G&D is my Ideal too 🙂


TMS has compiled articles in past magazines and published them as special feature books.

Here the 3 of them.


From the left, Layout Book (1957), Layout Guide (1959), Whole Book of Layout (1967)


Mr. John Allen’s Gorre & Daphetid was first introduced by Mr. Kiyo Yamazaki (founder and first editor of TMS) in TMS No.86 Sep.1955.




In Layout Guide, the article is reprinted over 4 pages, in addition to  that, one page of new photos from construction of new and final G&D layout.




I recommend Whole Book of Layout (1967) to you.

Mr. Itsuaki Niibayashi wrote in detail about his Mizuho Electric Line over 25 pages!!  







Maihama eki san


On 6/28/2020 at 2:06 PM, maihama eki said:

Konnichiwa, Hide-san,


I am amazed that you have magazines from when you were 13.


Railroad modeling in 1965 required some excellent skills. 


And with Passion and Patience, what I lack now 🙂


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Hide, those special feature books look great!

Wow, the G&GD made it over to Japan pretty quickly.  The original small layout was started about 1947, and then incorporated into the big basement empire that began in 1954.  The HO layout that I built in the 1970s never came close to looking like that, but it certainly kept me inspired; and definitely led to me including a scratch-built car float.

The G&D is still my benchmark of what a great model railroad looks like. 


In more recent decades, Roxanne and I have both been greatly inspired by the layout design books of Iain Rice, some published in the UK and some in the US.  He accompanies all of his design ideas with beautiful water colour paintings of what they could look like.  They all are meant to fit in small to medium sized rooms rather than a full baseent, and the track plans are designed for good operations potential.


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Welcome to the forum, which has opened my eyes to much modeling and prototype information in Japan. I am thankful for all the diversity of geography and experience here and we welcome you as another voice from Japan itself.


I have not yet traveled to Japan, but have been modeling IJN and JMSDF subjects in 1:700 scale in the Waterline Series for the last two decades. From that, increasing knowledge of Japanese retail and online shops, and then a long-overdue return to model railroading in N scale, Japanese prototypes. I modeled US lines in HO scale before college.


My son was to hike the Kumano Kodo this month as a celebration of his college graduation; that trip has now been pushed out a year. He has invited me, but I think he best undertake as a solo venture; I hope to plan an extended trip, north to south in Japan after retirement.


I look forward to your posts.



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As you, this book is my Bible, too 🙂


For me, especially the beginning part is very helpful.

( The First Gorre & Daphetid , Narrow Gauge and an Expanding G.D )

Car float is the subject that I also want to incorporate into my future layout.


I have Mr. Iain Rice’s “Shelf Layouts for Model Railroaders”.

I agree with your opinion, it’s a very inspired and beautiful book 🙂




Thank you for the warm welcome.


The Kumano Kodo!! I’ve never been there, but I think your decision is correct 🙂



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Ooh, thank you Hide for posting the John Allen book.  I missed that when it came out; I was going to college in Vermont then where there were no model train stores.  Just ordered a copy at a good price on EBay!

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