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While we've been deep in Ibaraki research, we had to pick up this jigsaw puzzle of Hitachinaka Seaside Park from HLJ.  Arrived here mid-March.  Waited awhile before we started, figured it would be worth saving until we were pretty well into hunkering down at home before breaking it out.  From 10 May to tonight 26 June, the two of us spent 14 evenings puzzling together on it.  We chose this one knowing that we would have a lot of time at home to work on it, whee!

We also had a little extra help from one of our cats, Whiskey Foxtrot, who enjoyed helping sort the pieces.





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I was looking for a jig saw puzzle to help me learn all prefectures (and if possible to be able to read their names). For some reason Amazon thought I needed this jigsaw puzzle instead. 😆



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