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Martijn Meerts

This is really next level stuff, looks amazing 😄


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Thank you Martijn, you are too kind. To be honest had I known the amount of research and time it would take I may have thought twice about it!

Now that they are all drawn up I am so happy with the results, it feels completely worth it.


I got around to transferring the drawings for the Shinkansen bridges into a 3D model to check the tolerances before I order the etch. Here are the two bridges that sit side by side on the north end of Phase 1. The smaller bridge goes over the road, while the deeper bridge sits over several restaurants. 



The smaller road bridge top and bottom



The larger bridge was really tricky to work out because of the buildings underneath. I was going to use the same design until I stumbled on a video walking through the passage that runs under the tracks between the Shinkansen and Tokaido line. Pausing at key points I was able to work out the most of the structure. I have left off the track bed here. It's a chance to soak up the girdery goodness, once on the layout it will never be seen again.



Finally I only showed one of the bridges for the Tokaido Line. They are very different. The bridge on the south then has tall side walls however the on the north bridge they have been cut to just above the height of the ballast. I believe this is for clearance as the tracks begin to curve on the bridge so they leave one end off centre.



My favourite detail is the metal flap on one side of the north bridge. There is a gap between this and the adjacent bridge. The flap hangs out and connects to a hand rail for one of the catwalks, I assume this is to stop workers falling to the road below.



Well I have had enough of bridges for now, the next challenge will be to build these critters!










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