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Getting started in G scale.

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Firstly,appologies if this is in the wrong place😂😂

I ve been asked if I can do a topic on getting started in g scale so here goes😂


As way of a disclaimer😂I m far from an expert and anything I write here is based purely on my own findings and experiences and not necessarily fact.👍😂


I bought my first two base sets at the end of last year. I did a bit of research from the usual sources we all use. There seems to be three main manufacturers,LGB,Bachman and Piko,I m sure there s more but these seemed to be the most prominent. I then researched the suppliers and found that the guy I buy my n gauge stuff from sells Piko and Pola g scale.

He had an extensive stock of items including spare parts which is pretty important for me. So I then researched Piko as a company and found they ve been trading Since. 1949,I have a theory that if you sell rubbish you do nt last long,so all things considered I decided on Piko..the starter sets average about £300 and for that you get a complete circle of radius one track(about 4’ across) the power clamps,controller,power supply and some track clips,for that you also get sound and steam,to buy the items separately would cost in excess of £550 so a good. Price to get up and running.

The trackwork,as far as I know this applies to all makes,is brass as are the joiners.This means it can be left out permenantly as it wo nt corrode. The only problem I found was the joiners become a bit loose after a while,as with any gauge so it’s recommended to use screw joiners. These can be expensive,piko ones are about £25 for 10 but I bought some from Germany via eBay at £80 for 100 inc shipping.there s two good reasons for doing this,it makes sure you ve got a tight connection at all times and it helps hold the track together.For cleaning the track there s a number of ways to do this,I mounted a very large track cleaning rubber to a broom handle and just walk around it before I use the trains,I ve also got an attachment on the bottom of a coach with cleaning pads attached.Points come as manual points but can have a motor attached to automate them via a point control box.(I m referencing Piko here as that’s what I m using)


The controller and powerpacks are also weatherproof and these operate at 22volt  and the basic one is 1.6 amps,i have two trains but only one loop but it runs both trains easily.

Buildings and scenics.

There s a few people making these on eBay,I tried one when I first decided i was going to do g scale,it was an epic fail due to poor quality.

i now use all piko and pola buildings and scenic accessories. At first glance they seem expensive, BUT,you need to assemble one to see why.

they come pre coloured and everything fits together perfectly,they are resistant to heat,uv and frost and ice so they wo nt discolour or twist with heat or cold.

As an example the castle ruin kit on my layout is over 2’ tall and is 6” square,it weighs a ton and the plastic for the walls is 1/2 inch thick.

Pola is the same company as faller,I think most people know how good the faller kits are.

Pola also do the figures,there s cheaper ones on eBay,probably worth the money and yes,I ve got some,but I m expecting to have to re paint them after a couple of years,I m confident I wo nt need to it to the pola ones.

The best way I can describe these buildings is do nt be put off by the price,in my opinion I think they re worth every penny.

Of course,the more creative ones amongst us could make their owm👍😂


As for layout construction there s not a lot to say really,all layout building follows the same basic principals really as it’s only the size that’s diferent.

One thing to think about with Piko is that the points are nt power routing so bear this in mind when doing sidings etc as you will need  to do some extra cable laying.


I can t think of much more to say about getting started really,it s not that dificult,just bigger,massively so!



Hope this is of some use to anyone starting in this scale.

If anyone needs anymore info then please do nt hesitate to say and if I can help I will,





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