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Tokyo Metro rush hour procedure


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An interesting set of videos by FH Line, which shows Tokyo Metro's special rush hour procedure in use at certain stations. The procedure is slightly different line to line (driver only, platform gates, etc), but the procedure involves a staffer pressing the buzzer until it's time to leave, after the buzzer the doors close immediately and don't reopen, part time workers (in the blue) and other staffers push as necessary. Several people have commented that the procedure seems to have reduced numbers of people running for trains.

Ginza Line at the new Shibuya station:

Interesting that they close the doors before the signal is clear, but that might be because it's at a terminus station?

Kita Senju on the Chiyoda line:

Towards the end they have a bit during the emergency declaration.

Marunouchi Line at Shinjuku

 and at Ikebukuro

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