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TNOS Layout 3: Automatic Modes 1 through 12

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Latest installment: Layout 3 Endless EX modified to fit a dining table.

I've ramped up to three trains now with 7 sensors and 7 zones/feeders.

16 connections to the boxes plus two box interconnect cables, one terminator and three power cables.  


A simple loop plus one passing siding and one remote station divided into 7 blocks. 

The first two runs are with three trains. The next 9 are using 2 trains and the last one is the test mode using just one train. A bit tedious perhaps but I was able to run them all.


At this point I'm not sure I want to cannibalize my existing layout, so I'll have to see what track bits I can dig out to satisfy the next step up.

What I really want to test is to run 4 trains simultaneously.

I hadn't anticipated not being able to visit Osaka this summer to pick up more TCS sensors and Tomix electric points.



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I, too, use the little Tomix 70mm Trough Girder Bridge pieces, like the red one (Tomix 3247) in the back of your loop in the videos, to run cables under. They're perfect for that, and a great solution wiring on for tabletop non-permanent layouts!


Rich K.

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