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Issue with kato turnout

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Since my last living room invasion, it was obvious my playing session should be funnier with tunrouts.

Last week I receve two kato V4 sets, in order to make a station.

But it's looks like I have an issue with on of the turnout : the moving part (needle? point? tongue? sorry I don't find the english name) was stuck in the middle went he must be straight.

turn position (ok) :



straight position :



I don't know if the problem is mecanical or electronical but nothing seems to block, I can move it to the right position by pushing on it but he return imediatelly to the middle after.

My question is simple : does it a simple issue I can try to fix by myself or I better to return to the seller? (I was off this week and I plan to play a little with it... 😉 )


P.S. I hesitate to post in this thread or in "track system", feel free to move it if needed.

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You can try to unscrew it and see if the spring is in the correct slot underneath the track. I have seen that this sometimes is the case, because there are 3 slots but the spring should only be in the middle one, else it will not throw the switch completely.

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Yes it sounds like the little spring arm inside has slipped out of position and thus not pushing the blades all the way over.


gently unscrew the back and pry it off carefully. Take pictures as you go. You can see the little spring wire that moves the blades on the left end of the point at about 8min in this video that goes thru how the points work. Hope this helps.






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You're totaly right, the spring arm was in wrong position at the two ends.



Just put it as it must be, now everything wroks fine.


Thanks for help!

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