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Peco ss80 viaduct dimensions


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3 minutes ago, gavino200 said:

It looks amazing inobu. Any chance you could give a brief explanation of how you did it? Did you draw the outline of the stones with a mouse in Rhino or did you cut and paste it? Does the laser cutter cut a 3D texture directly onto foam? I'm intrigued. 


Really,  top notch work in minimal time!


Its all about the tools. I used Rhino to build the model from the initial image above. I extrapolate the points and use a perspective view to create the base model. There is a

lot of back and forth in getting the points set. Once I got the model in CAD its data manipulation. What you see on the computer screen verses

what it will look like are two different things. I did initial cuts to check the size. 

I used the table saw to cut the block or core pieces.

I used the laser to etch or engrave the pattern.


The laser cuts based on power and speed. You can get texture but its more fooling the eye again. Going back and forth seeing what depth the eye will except. 

The laser pretty much etches the pattern but you have to manage what it etches. There's a time limit on the laser. It cost $1200.00 to recharge it. So you don't want

 to drive it too hard.


You saw the trial and error on the trim an how 1mm made a big difference. After I got that right

I used the air brush to paint it.


Now I'm starting on the piers.



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Martijn Meerts

Looking good, better than most of the stuff you can get from the well known brands really.

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Can't believe how the time has gone. This is the final resin version of that project and another requirement came up.





I had to come up with a descending via duct with a bridge in the middle of the turn lol. 



I was able to go down a inch and cut out an inch to clear the tall container cars. I used

the bottom of the track to carry the span and built the wall on the bridge to fool the eye.


In all actuality the track is carrying the bridge.









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