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Lockdown project number 3 Nickel Plate road 'Berkshire' 2-8-4 in Z

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I'm being a really good boy now and blitzing through all sorts of jobs I've been putting off for ages (front wishbones on the X-trail, Middle cylinder injector on the wife's Merc ML) while i am working from home although 4 1/2 hours of WEBEX conferences yesterday left me more exhausted than if I'd been in the office! The Thai C56 and Dutch 0-6-0ST in gauge 1 are finished so what to do next?


I was torn between




in  a scale I havn't christened yet but basically Japanese  3'6" gauge in 1/30th scale running on 0 gauge track as I have the wheels already turned and in stock




But logic says " get the Blooody Berkshire finished!


So the story is that started this Magnum Opus of a scratchbuilt Z scale NKP 2-8-4 full of good intentions. Made great progress to the point where there were 9 videos of the build on my youtube channel up to the point where I had got it running and was doing haulage tests and then everything esle took over and it went on the backburner




Seen in front of NS 8811




more soon



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Martijn Meerts



I was feeling pretty good being able to finally do kits in H0 and N scale, and you're doing scratch built Z scale stuff 😄


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