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A Bernina avalanche gallery in 1:150

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I've been working on another tabletop module. Track length is 496mm so it integrates nicely with Unitrack plans, this time it's something for my RhB collection:


The arches were 3D printed from files I found on Thingiverse, I rescaled them to give more elbow room. May have slightly overdone it but at least any N stock should fit. The rest is a rectangle of thin plywood, some polystyrene blocks carved to shape and a tub of "Structure Paste" from Tiger, which I suspect is intended for filling holes in plaster. It has a gritty texture so gives a good rock face effect. Next job will be to paint the rocks and the concrete arches, add some earth texture paint to the plywood, and think about what else to add in the way of greenery. I am thinking static grass on the base and a few scattered bits of plant life on the cliffs, like patches of scatter to represent clumps of moss and flowers clinging in hollows. There will be a patch of snow stubbornly refusing to melt in a gully near the ridgeline.


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