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Bean shapped B train layout

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This is my first project, the idea is to make a tiny and simple B train layout, in a first time to test multiples building and modeling techniques.

As the topic title said, is just a double track bean shapped layout.



I play with SCRAM to find a global idea of the relief on the layout.

I was happy with this configuration but it was just a plan and I see durring the buid if i have to make changes.

I really love the montain to separate visually a potential urban zone to the coast, but I was a bit worry about the width of it.




Now the frame was build using plywood and pine rod, the kato track was fixed.



This weekend I try to buid a curved tunnel using foam, I made jigs to cut small part of it at an aproximative angle and I glue them together.

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Really nice bjorn! I like the scene separation with the ridge/cliff on the water side. Great project to play with a lot of micro scenes. Love how you cut away your layout base for the cliff, simple and effective!


keep us posted, so fun to watch projects like this come together.



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I continue my work on the tunnel, there is a picture of the jigs used to cut the slices



unfornunatly the angle is not correct so il use the cutted part to increase it on the end :



I question me about to open a window on the 1/3 of the tunnel to the ouside, myabe to add a subway platform , it would be cool.

I also want to find a solution to give a flat aspect to the inside of tunnel, I think I cover the foam with strips of paper or thin cardbard.

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Nice job bjorn!


very gentle sanding of the interior walls should get it pretty smooth. Use fine sand paper like 180 grit and go slow. Be careful of the glue joint areas as they won’t sand as easily so you can gouge there. Just use small bits of sand paper rolled around your finger tip. Roll the sand paper up around in all directions first to get it flexible and soft. Go slow.


once shaped pretty well you can do a couple coats of thick acrylic craft paint or interior house paint. Then sand and repaint until the desired texture is reached! Few coats should fill in the porous foam to a more concrete look.







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