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Ibaraki Shorty Construction

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We're still a few months away from beginning module construction, but got a start tonight on a small kitbashing project.  As this will be a B-Train Shorty layout, we're not looking at doing any full scale models, just visual representations of signature buildings in our locations.  A number of stock building kits will work quite well for the job.  Others need varying amounts of kitbashing.  Tonight's project turned out to require more effort than it seemed like would be required.


The Kato Salon & Hobby Shop has a pretty good starting semblance of The Drunken Duck in the back streets of Katsuta.  The one tweak we want to make is to put one corner at an angle to match the prototype.  This would usually be a simple matter of dicing and splicing.  Never took apart a Kato building before though — these are solidly put together!


Loosening the  clip on tabs on the under side of the base, the building wiggled slightly free, but was still held on solidly.  A connection with a hollow center post was the source of trouble.  Started drilling it out with a pin vice, but then discovered some metal filings coming out, hmm.  Could now see a shiny screw head inside.  The drilling had removed the blackened finish which had prevented me from seeing it earlier.  But now with the screw head damaged, the plastic post needed destroying.  That was a job for the cruiser-class pin-vice!  Destroy the post and remove the base.  Then remove the screw with vice-grips.  Then remove more screws discovered deeper within with a screw-driver.  Disassembly achieved.


The main body of the building, including an under-roof is all cast as a single piece of plastic.  Dicing and splicing that corner is going to take a bit more work than is typical for multi-piece buildings.  But that is a job for another night.







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Phase 2 completed tonight while Roxanne was reading aloud the first two chapters of The Hoose at Pooh's Neuk (Scots language edition).

Don't have a detailed plan here, just following the XActo knife and cutting things apart.  The mission is to put in an angled corner.  Removed the second story corner and then the lower corners.  The lower corner bits will get spliced into a single pieces long enough to bridge the angle.  Then I will stare at the upper wall pieces and decide how I want to go about dicing and splicing to re-arrange the window placement and get a matching angle at the corner.


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