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My First Layout - Built 1992

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While sorting out photos of my Yamakai layout I came across some snaps of my first layout that I had built.


This was designed to be portable and to fit into the back of my station wagon.  It was built in a 'box' with a hinged lid for protection and to enable things to be transported on top of it.  Access holes were needed in case of a derailment within the hill section:



Most of the visible track was on a gradient including one of the three stations.  The front edge of the box was cut-away  for viewing.  A branch line climbed up three sides to the level of the lid and by adding additional track it went around 3 sides of the lid to where I could set up sidings or display track depending on how I wanted to run it:




I made use of green scenic mat glued to the inside of the lid and some layout areas.  Buildings would be packed away separately and I would position them to suit.  My first attempts at scenery were pretty basic but I was happy with it at the time:




I got to display it at a number of locations around the South Island of New Zealand.



ItI had a clip-on control box at one end:




A better view of the controls.  By this time I had build a longer removable yard which would sit on the lid and this became the basis of a permanent layout built a few years later - but that is another story:



It had two continuous tracks, each with a passing loop at a station plus two depot storage tracks.  The additional branch line up to the lid gave heaps of options as to which trains to run and overall I had a lot of fun with it.  I will try to work out the track plan and post a sketch. 

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Here is the approximate track plan - not to scale.  I had fun creating it from my photos.

The viaduct section on the left has been moved to one side to show the lower track and double crossover.



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... and a 45 sec video clip.



.. enough nostalgia for now.

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