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Prototypical N-scale JR signals - working?

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Dear experts,

I have a KATO lay-out with two KATO signals, the ones that show green and after the train passed show red and after a few seconds yellow and green again. No further logic. 



I have two of these but they won't work on DCC.

I am have started to convert my layout to DCC. I will be using Digikeijs controller and I/O (whatever that is called in the DCC world), controlled by iTrain software.  

Conversion to DCC rendered my Kato signals useless. I will also be needing a few more to improve realism. 


I am now looking for prototypical correct JR signals that can be connected to the DCC system. They will be hooked up and controlled by iTrain .

Is anybody aware of source for N-scale JR signals with working LEDs?


I am aware of Greenmax models but these are dummies. I know I could possibly fit them with SMD LEDs but it would be a rather fiddly job I was hoping to avoid.

Not sure if it would be easy to convert the KATO signals and wire them up to DCC. I find the Kato model also a bit plasticky and not very refined. 

I noticed that JR signals are a bit like the Dutch signals, but different nevertheless. I haven't given up on real JR signals yet! 


Your idea's are welcome!. 

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I use Tomix signals on my layout. Currently only the three-aspect type, but I am planning to use other models too.

I actually only use the mast with the LEDs, not the track with the sensor and the electronics. They are easily detachable, at the bottom there is a 4-pin connector (compatible with 1.27mm pin headers). The pinout of the three-aspect model is easy, common anode on pin 4, then red, green and yellow for the three other pins.



This is the schematic of the Tomix signals:



I think that it must be possible to find a compatible standard DCC accessory decoder, ask Digikeijs. I have however made my own based on an Arduino. This works well and the signals on my layout are controlled by Rocrail.

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Thanks a lot for this idea Madsing, 

an excellent idea!


i just ordered a set of dummy signals from Greenmax, just to see if I can fit them with LEDs. 

I’ll keep your idea as back-up plan.


i am sure the Digikeijs status decoder can generate the right signal patterns. First the signals themselves!




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@JanW Please report back on this.  I am interested...


Also, we should probably move this to the Electronics / DCC section



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