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I know the new Primaris marines have split opinion, but I find them very nice sculpts. Crisp mouldings and better proportions than the original Astartes.


One thing which does baffle me is the proportions between shoulder height and head/neck on the older models, especially with Terminators. They look as if their neck must be roughly where a real human's lungs are. Art showing them with their armour off shows roughly normal human proportions (just bigger). All GW needed to to was either lower the shoulders or raise the head slightly.

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Well, my minis are all Rogue Trader era.  Lovely plastic beaky Space Marines that would probably pass for Ratling Power Armour these days; plastic Terminators from Space Hulk that might be down to Marine height or less now, treasured Squats on bikes, and a scratch-built Grav Attack the most common AFV in the Imperium!

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A 3d print replica of a Sabre tank hunter happened:




Found the files on Thingiverse so decided to have a go at making one. From what I can work out this was a conversion project covered in White Dwarf magazine circa 1989, involving a Rhino kit and presumably other oddments in the days when GW were quite happy for you to scratchbuild and kitbash.


There are also parts files for other MK1 Rhino based vehicles like a Vindicator, Whirlwind and Razorback, so I've ordered some green PLA with a view to making myself a full set over time. I will still paint them but if you start with roughly the right shade of green you don't need as many coats.


I did try a Predator a while ago but the plastic I used was horrible, and the result looks corrugated. I'll see if I can do anything for it with more sanding and filing followed by a good coat of paint. I even went as far as making brass tube pivots for the sponson guns and turret.

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With Roxanne very busy teaching classes this semester, we haven't been working so much on the joint model railroad project, so I've been catching up on more gaming modelling.  1/56 laser cut kits for the Sleepy Hollow Schoolhouse and a Corn Crib.  Throwing flaming jack o'lanterns at people in the night is a bit of an established sport in Sleepy Hollow; a little brown rat is enjoying the remains of the last such prank:





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9 hours ago, Yugamu Tsuki said:

Brilliant. It would be a delight to play on such a setup.

As soon as it's safe to convention again, I'll be running Sleepy Hollow games again.   Huzzah in Portland Maine is the best miniatures convention in New England, then Havoc here in Mass for a smaller one, and probably at Arisia the big Sci-Fi con here in Boston with a very active tabletop gaming room.

I have fantasies of figuring out how to ship it to Belgium so I could run it at Crisis, the premier miniatures convention in Europe.  (Salute in London is bigger, Crisis draws more eye-candy games.)  With luck, maybe I can work out the logistics and finances for travel in 2024 and the 25th anniversary of the movie!

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Not traditional miniature gaming, but my Bloodborne Kickstarter from Cool Mini or Not finally came in...many many many hours of painting ahead...


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Martijn Meerts

I love the Bloodborne setting.. Not much of a fan of the game though, not so much because it's difficult, but more because most bosses can throw you in places where you get stuck in the environment and can't move anymore o.O


Would be nice seeing the quality of these and how they look once painted 🙂


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Here's a few pictures of the figure details. The Hunter (player) in light grey next to a basic mob and a Boss. Also I am impressed in the thinness of the wings on one of the expansion bosses.



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A gaming friend has published a set of miniatures rules, Mean Streets : War in Gang-Infested Cities, a fast light game, deeply inspired by The Warriors movie (1979).  I've been painting up some gangs for this.  Started with some fictional ones with minis that I had on hand, including The Dragon Club with Kung-Fu School Girls by Eureka Miniatures that I bought some years ago knowing they would be handy for something some day; and this is that something day.  
Am now moving on to modelling some of the actual gangs from The Warriors.  First up is the super iconic Baseball Furies.  Modified figures from a pack of baseball player miniatures.  I did all 12 members form the movie, plus Cobb the Catcher from the video game.  Oddly, that pack had only 1 figure with a bat, and the rest except for the umpire (used for Cobb) had a weird big glove.  So the gloved hands got carved down into normal hands, and then I carved a stack of baseball bats from 1/16" plastic rod.  Painting these was made entirely possible by the magic of .005 Micron Art pens for the pinstripes, lettering, and Nike LD1000 sneakers!

More photos of these and other gangs over on the Lead Adventure Forum:





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48 minutes ago, gavino200 said:

Awesome. Beautiful painting. I loved that movie!!

Thanks!  The game reminded me that I hadn't seen the movie in forever, so I got the Ultimate Director's Cut blu-ray — super restoration and handy painting reference.  The Lizzies are very nearly done for the next gang!

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2 hours ago, gavino200 said:

Do you have any "work in progress" pictures of this creation, Cat? I'd love to see how you made it. 

It started as a stock laser cut MDF kit by Things From The Basement.  I worked closely with them in provding design material for the whole Inspired By Sleepy Hollow line.  Joerg made the kits as pretty straight forward buildings that would be more versatile for a wide range of gaming genres and time periods, and not just for the Sleepy Hollow movie.  Spookifying the kits is left as an exercise for the [fanatical] modeller.  The basic model can be seen here: https://www.thingsfromthebasement.com/store/p561/Old_Dutch_Church.html

If you scroll through my whole build thread for this project on Lead Adventure Forum, you see various progress pictures and notes from a variety of kits.  I'm pretty much using the same techniques on all of them: https://leadadventureforum.com/index.php?topic=106615


I paint and do initial weathering of the parts before assembly, then a final tieing it all together weathering afterwards.


This one took less conversion work than others to make it more screen-accurate.  The kit's roof peaks have a bit of an angular ridge, which is part of the nature of laser cut MDF, so I carved and filed those down to make a continuous slope all the way to the top.  There is a slight sag in the middle of the main peak that I filed in.  (Other buildings in the movie set have highly pronounced sags and improbable sways — if you scroll through the link above to Lead Adventure Forum you will see the ones I've built so far.)  I also took strips of hardwood and added rakes to the ends of the gables.  There is no discernable fascia boards along the edge of this roof in the movie, so I did not add any of those.  The other big roof change was using some bass wood pieces to flare out the base of the bell tower and the steeple roof.  The part of the spire atop the steeple is played by a toothpick.  The last change to the building was cutting a bigger window opening in the back wall and scratch-building the frame work for the stained glass window from strips of styrene.  The bell was also made from bits of styrene tube carved into shape.
A very time-consuming part of this build was shingling the roof.  I used strip shingles from TFTB and coloured them all individually with markers before assembly, then weathered them after which toned down the colours and blended them all very nicely.  I went heavy with blue tones in the roof and painting the walls and fence because every scene in the movie is heavily blue filtered and the fog machines are usually bowing.  This is the largest surface area roof I've done so far (the Van Tassel Manor still awaits).  The bell tower took as long to shingle as the rest of the flat roof panels with all the inside angle cuts butting up against the roof, and outside angles at all the corners.

The strips are glued on one at a time with PVA.  Then using a small curved knife blade, I scrape away the top edge of the strip to bevel it to avoid lumps when the next strip is glued on top.  At the end of each night's work, it was time to bring out the Horseman's Hollow shot glass and some nice whisky!








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On 4/7/2020 at 11:21 AM, Cat said:

The topic of Girls Und Panzer miniature gaming with 1/100 models came up in another thread.  Here's a couple of links to info on that.


Twig worked out the bulk of the home brew rules for and started posting photos on The Miniatures Page.  I jumped in and we did a lot collaboratively to polish them up.  I'm half way through translating the rules from our short hand crib sheets into an actual English language version that others could use.  Hope to get back to that in the nearish future.  Twig does most of his gaming at home, I do most of mine at a local hobby store and regional gaming conventions.  When next we gamers can gather for live gaming, I want to get these rules and minis back on the table!

The big GuP thread on TMP is here (I post under MiniMo): 

I've put a lot of my own GuP work up on my gaming blog, somewhat neglected gaming blog as I tend to spend more time at home modelling than blogging:


Since my last blog entry, I did complete a lot more work on modelling and painting crew figures for all the schools' teams.  The photos I took of them at a convention didn't come out too great.  At some point, I'll pull them out for another photo shoot.

Here are the Oarai tanks, with Miho as the first figure completed.  All of these tanks have their own crew now, with tiny magnets so they can pop onto the hatches when they're unbuttoned:





Damn, that looks awesome @Cat! Makes me wanna play!


Seriously awesome stuff here, I have a friend who’s into Warhammmer 40K at the moment and I’m always in awe of what he does. Then again, he doesn’t compare with what you’ve done!

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37 minutes ago, ED75-775 said:

Damn, that looks awesome @Cat! Makes me wanna play!


Seriously awesome stuff here, I have a friend who’s into Warhammmer 40K at the moment and I’m always in awe of what he does. Then again, he doesn’t compare with what you’ve done!

Thanks!  I must confess I am a confirmed fanatical modeller...

Here's a photo I took some time ago of crew figures in progress for various teams.  These are half-figures with little magnets.  The Maginot team are the ones stuck on the metal lid, those characters are based on the 2-volume manga and pre-dates Das Finale.


I've been thinking lately that it's time to get this back on the gaming table after a long pandemic hiatus.


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