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Old 183 series kuha in a guest house

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As a train lover who can't take videos of his own, I have this bank of Japanese train related youtube videos (about 210 of them)  that I bookmarked so I can find them again, because they're in Japanese.

I thought I'd share this one of a 183 Azusa series cab car in a guest house in Ueda, which guests can have a play with (slightly releasing brakes, opening and closing doors, horns and lights etc.)

Would LOVE to stay here...

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The guest hause is actually named "Azusa Dream House" (夢ハウス あずさ号)


Here it is from google maps (you can see the 183 series trough the windows)




It's located 25 mins by foot (5 by car) from Ueda station, and 20 mins (also by foot, and 5 by car) from Shinano-Kokubunji Station.

I'm pretty sure there's atleast one bus line going thru the area, but i was unable to find it. Otherwise, Ueda station has a bike rental service.


It also used to had a front-only portion of a 183 series in JNR colors and two front portions of 113 Series trains (one in Shonan and the other in Yokosuka colors) joined togheter, altough they were removed, and they now are at the Poppo Hill railway park in Isumi city, Chiba prefecture.


Here's its (very old-style) official website



and the entry on the "train-hotel" website, a directory of all train-themed (or with a good railway wiew) hotels in Japan.




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