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Toronto Streetcars in 1935


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Video of transit in Toronto during the summer of 1935. The Toronto Transportation Commission operated streetcars, buses and ferry boats. The video starts at Sunnyside, a five sided intersection. Streetcars going off to the lower right are going to Sunnyside Amusement Park and Sunnyside beach on Lake Ontario.  Later scenes are at Danforth carhouse with PM rush pullouts, the island ferry terminal, the multi track terminal at the Eastern Entrance of the Canadian National Exhibition and some subsidiary Gray Coach Lines buses. Two of the ferry boats in the video are still in service.




The second video is at the Canadian National Exhibition during 1929 and 1930. The opening sequence appears to be during Warriors Day which is a veteran's parade (with free admission for their families)  and later sequences may have been taken on Children's day.


There are two loops at the Exhibition, the Western Entrance where this video starts and is a single track and the larger Eastern Entrance which is in an earlier configuration than in the video above. Both loops are still used on a daily basis, although the Eastern Entrance is on it's third life.



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