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Russian Ttrak


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Here are a few modules I have built so far. They are very much generic in terms of sfenery as I still haven't decided what location and time I want to represent. Although now I plan to built another bunch of modules for my Japanese stock.

The topic is called russian ttrak as the modules are made to standards slightly modified by some russian enthusiast. As far as I understand major differences are the holes that allow to bolt them together and the requirements for a bus wiring and use of specific connectors. 

The next will still be for this section and although these modules still require lots of smaler details I plan to switch to japanes landscapes






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Thank you Jeff! Yes, there is a bunch of peoole with whom we meet from time to time to run trains. But we only starting woth ttrak, so others rather seem to collect that plywood boxes yet


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great to see! Glad it’s gaining traction there! Really a great way to bring others into to the hobby as well as just having fun.





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Martijn Meerts

Looking good! I love the one with the bridge, such a simple concept, but the scenery really makes it look great.

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Sometimes a bridge is just a bridge! With some good scenery simple modules can really shine nicely like this. Scenes don’t need to be uber crammed if done cleanly, our minds are use to seeing them all over but we get a bit focused on the ultra complex when condensing a lot in our model railroading.



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Wow, nice modules!  I need to keep looking at all the great modules for inspiration.  I still got blank modules sitting in the corner of the garage.  

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There was a bridge module in my stash for quite awile. Today I  did necessaary cut-outs to allow the bridge sit properly, it is jow ready for wiring and landscaping. I however have no idea what shall it all look like in terms of scenery.  I'm now planning to do several japanese modules and  I would very much appreciate any ideas or seggestions

I'm also thinking of a single module with a level crossing and I thought that there can be a street paraĺlel to the river with a "raw" of houses between the street and the river




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Many small steep banked rivers/streams that have been channelized with concrete banks. Many times you have small boats tied up along the side. One of the Tomytec fishing boats, but that may be a tad large, but work. Some have a cement walkway a few feet above normal water level built into the wall, some just have ropes down the steep wall to use to climb up and down.





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Well, as far as I had no clear view of what I want this bridge mofule look like I decided to leave it aside for a while. Instead I started a simplier module. It is supposed to be a level crossing in a small town or probably suburbs. I plan to add a small public park near the houses, fencing along the tracks and eleftric poles

I used cardboard to make ground level higher, closer to track level to "blend" house bases into the ground. Next is to cover it all with putty and sand.

I however would welcome any comments



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