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The Glue Looper

maihama eki

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These are pretty useful for applying a small amount of thin glue - like CA or the usual glue for polystyrene.  I've made a conceptually similar tool with a fine wire with a tiny loop of at the end, but these are a bit more refined.




I think they would work for applying small amounts of oil as well, but I haven't tried that.

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I’ve seen these but never picked any up to play with.

A trick I’ve used since a kid was to use a sewing needle, the eye end. Just poke the needle into a bit of dowel and it’s great for doing really tiny bits of ca glue. Maybe why I never paid for a looper! 


may work for oil. There is a tool for doing fine oils, called an oil pin that watchmakers use. basically a needle with Small ball on the end that holds a small bit of oil for precise application. They work well, I have a few different sizes.





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So curiosity got the better part of the cat here and I ordered some to play with. Not cheap but wondering if the v3 May be good for tacky glue and getting a thin, even applIcation on sankei wall joints. Toothpicks take several applications and using the pen applicator can be too much and too thick to use even a micro brush.



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So sorry I’ve forgotten to follow up on this. I have been enjoying my loopers! They work as good or better than my poor man’s sewing needle ones and less likely to jab myself with the needle eye! They are worth the money, but you don’t need more than a single set as unless you drop it on the floor tip first, so you could split a pack with a friend! I just ordered their new one shot tip, kind of a high tech version of my using a cut off end of the eye of a needle. If you do make your own make sure to heat the needle eye in a flame for a while to break its temper as it can shatter as well as put a Nick in your cutter blades.


btw if you want the perfect handle for these get some of these microblading handles. Basically smaller xacto handles. Also work as a pin vise for some small drill sizes and to hold the micro scalpel blades.







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