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JR Tokai HC85 hybrid DEMU ltd express press debut

bikkuri bahn

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Das Steinkopf

I look forward to taking a trip down the Takayama Honsen on one of these in the future, I took a few rides on the Hida Wide View about 2 years ago, the first trip down to Gero was good until we got to Takayama and they added another 4 cars infront of our train, the diagphrams were not sealed properly and we gagged on diesel fumes for about 20 minutes, it was quite a nauseating feeling and it felt so good to alight at Gero and get fresh highlands air into our lungs.

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I'm not surprised they're going to retire the KiHa 85's. They were constructed only a few years after JR Central was formed and are probably getting up there in years.

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