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Japanese eating places and their food models.


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For the non-Japanese speaker in Japan, this language problem can cause difficulties.

But, from the point of view of finding things to eat, there is not so great a problem.

Almost all restaurants, cafes, eating houses etc. have on display in showcases or shop windows, very realistic full size models of the food and drink items available therein.

These have price tags and descriptive labels, sometimes in English, so the selection of food is usually easily done.

Even if the item description is in Japanese, one can beckon one of the waitress to come out so one can point to the item that you want.

This is usually accompanied by a fit of giggles on the part of the waitress.

All these models must be manufactured by a factory somewhere, and one wonders what the Japanese name for these food models is?

Fiddling around with my little Japanese-English dictionary I've come up with Mokei Tabemono (Model food), but no doubt there is a much better name than this.





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japanese word for its is Food Sample shokuhin sampuru 食品サンプル 




ive not had any laughing by wait staff over using them and ive had them verify at times if they are not sure if my japanese (food is the one thing i can remember some japanese with!) was correct.


you can even get them as model trains




which i claim they stole from my sushi train!


make your own from school erasers!





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Not full scale nor train scale, but the company Re-Ment makes some really detailed 1/12 scale food (the raw chicken from the supermarket set kind is too close to the real thing for me). I keep trying to figure out how to work them into a layout. I'll attach a picture of a peeled mikan orange, steak, and a  (pokeball) doughnut.


They did a "station bento/lunch box" set from the various prefectures a while ago I'm on the hunt for.



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