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Were foreign visitors' wild brawls at Shinjuku's Golden Gai a taste of the Olympics to come?


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Xenophobia at its best for the interviewed. Before the foreigners, it was the salarymen taking a piss in corners.


Sure 'wild' brawls as they put it will happen in a rugby or soccer workd cup situation. Boozed up hooligans is normal for those types of sporting events. But the Olympics attract a different type of sports fan.

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My experience of rugby fans in Cardiff is that they tend to be rowdy but not fighty. Expect lots of beer and dodgy singing, but not large scale brawling and destruction. I can see how this would utterly horrify the quiet and reserved Japanese cultural stereotype though!

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Kanpai Keith

We did the RWC, no troubles at all.  Shinjuku area was a tourist hotspot, Golden Gai area was grotty and was serving up overpriced drinks.  People crashed out on the street the following morning but they didn’t look like rugby fans.

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Well the Olympics are turning out quiet so far, the main issue has been heat exhaustion with a record number of spectators and athletes needing hospital treatment.


Oh wait, sorry, wrong timeline, ah yes we're in the 2020 with the global virus pandemic thing. As you were.

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