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RhB Modellbahn


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As Kato are taking their time offering freight stock for their RhB metre gauge range, a few smaller producers have popped up. One of them being RhB Modellbahn who sell 3D printed models in kit or RTR form. I ordered a couple of hoppers which arrived this morning:



Don't expect Kato quality, but equally if you want something relatively unique and to expand your metre gauge fleet then they're worth a look. I probably won't buy more RTR stock from them but some kits may well join the fleet, the reason being that I had to do a bit of fettling on these hoppers which would have been simpler on a kit. As delivered the wheel flanges hit the floor, so I added a thin card washer (leftover Kadee) to each bogie pivot which gives enough clearance without looking silly. At the same time I opened out the coupler mount screw holes, so the screw bites into the coupler but pivots freely in the pocket on the bogie. The couplers also needed a few file strokes to make a precise sliding fit in the pocket.


Their website is in German, but they accept Paypal and my somewhat rusty German was enough to place an order: https://www.rhbmodellbahn.com/

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