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JR Freight company song


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Some years ago JR500 created a thread about company songs, but this appears to be a new performance, by employees, for the Nikkei Company Song Contest https://shaka.nikkei.co.jp/.  The JRF Okayama Terminal sign is shown, and a few of the locos have the 'oka' depot boards.  I assume all the video is from there, but other than the elevated line in the background, which matches up with the Sanyo Shinkansen, it's difficult to pick out landmarks.  You can grab a bite at the diner at the east end of the yard, it's open to the public.


It's a heartwarming rendition.  I hope they win the contest 🙂









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Hey some of them plays musical instruments and sing pretty well! I do hope they win! 


How about some employees do that with JR Kyushu's song?  😛 

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