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I had to build a new layout


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Well, I am nearly finished rebuilding my layout. Say Hola to Ciudad de Gloria, a modern metropolis boasting a subway system with a new railcar fleet and a snazzy and clean commuter railroad. The city is named for my late Mom.

The Mayor and the City Council stress safety and passenger comfort over speed and profit. In fact, the railroad's motto is: "We get there when we do." Passenger traffic is booming and a new fledgling container port and soon to be added new auto transload center guarantee precious revenue and tax dollars for the future.

I hope to add a couple of more subway set in the future, pending continuation of old people checks. And I'm even gonna try to cover up the city end of the layout with a plateau filled with grass and suburban homes, this way hiding the end tracks. It will also create more space since I'm not quite yet completed putting down all of the buildings I have. I've actually added the tallest structure on my layout, a Con Cor pre-owned hospital. 

But I still wish I had a proper car garage. LOL 








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Looking good, some very interesting buildings on your layout. About your plateau, I did the same thing on my portable 3' X 7' layout, except I placed a rural scene with rice fields on one end to hide the tracks. The picture is 7 years old but I have space available and recently pulled the layout out of a 6 year hibernation and started working on it again, so much to do.... 😉





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I like the big city feel you've got, and I really like your buildings! I recognize many from my trips through eBay and have been thinking about getting some myself. (scenemodel is the seller of several, I think?) It looks like they may have sold out of many of their models, so I guess we'll see what comes next from them. I assume you're pretty happy with the seller and the quality given that I can count 10 of them on your layout?


Can I ask where you found the black building with the blue/green glass? (The one towards the back left of most photos, and front left of the view looking down the street)

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I bought that building about 25 years ago. It was from some outfit in Texas, I think. It is made of cardboard with the plastic green and black panels added to the shell. It looks nice and I get a lot of comments on it. But I love the Chinese buildings. 

They are from an outfit called Scene Model on eBay. 



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