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bikkuri bahn

September 28 (Sat)- First use of the imperial train ("omeshi ressha") in the Reiwa era.  The emperor went to an event in Ibaraki Prefecture.  Routing was Tokyo Station to Katsuta.

Video by Ayokoi.


Lineside in Ibaraki. Between Takahama and Ishioka.  Includes footage of backup train making an emergency stop.


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The respect from all parties is faultless. I’m surprised the backup wasn’t exactly the same or a diesel loco in case the power failed.



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Usually in the UK, when a Royal train was run, it was preceded by a pilot loco or train for safety reasons.

Was this done for this Imperial train?

If so, what was the pilot?








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As far as I know there is a backup electric loco, a backup diesel loco, and a spare train, in case the E655 breaks down. And of course a helicopter monitoring the progress.


See also this video in conjunction to the one shared earlier.



By the way, the dutch royal carriage (which barely sees any use nowadays) ran just on it's own. Even when the royal family went on their annual ski-trip to Austria, the royal carriage was just hung behind the ordinary sleeper train heading in the same direction


EDIT: here is a video showing the whole entourage.



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Wow I didn't know there was such an elaborate procedure to unveil the flags and the emperor crest on the front of the train! 


Certainly makes me wanna grab my E655 emperor train for a run now!  🙂

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