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My acrylic display cabinet


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I started buying Japanese model trains last year.

At first my plan was to buy only those which could fit into my Tokyo station layout.

But of course that plan went out of the window real quick and I had all these Kato and Tomix cases on a shelf; but it seemed like a pity to keep them all there in their boxes.


So I started looking around for display cabinets. I wanted one made entirely of acrylic.

After a bit of searching, I came across a German manufacturer that could make custom cabinets for all kind of models, including trains.


It comes as a kit. It's blue because it has the plastic film protecting the acrylic.




Unfortunately, the courier didn't take good care of the shipment...





Fortunately, they shipped me the broken pieces at no additional cost.

Putting it all together is really quick and easy







And here it is with all my Shinkansen trains





There are 6 shelves in total; I put two sets per shelf, on two levels. I 3D-printed all the little blocks to rise the tracks in the background.

I like the clean look of it



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Pretty! Nice simple design.


Been meaning to do a similar rig with nice Baltic birch ply back with slots cut for plex shelves like this. Making the plex box to fit over it all to keep the dust out is the tough one...





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I briefly though as well to make it myself, but I soon realized it would have been too difficult for my poor skills, especially cutting the Plexiglas.

The result would not have been so clean.

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That looks great! As much as I would love to have my trains displayed like that so I can admire them, I worry that they'll all end up on the floor.  I live in earthquake country. 🙂


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On 9/28/2019 at 5:59 AM, paolo said:

After a bit of searching, I came across a German manufacturer that could make custom cabinets for all kind of models, including trains.


Sora? Looks familiar... 😉

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22 hours ago, Darklighter said:


Sora? Looks familiar... 😉



I found it through Google search and I really like the product.

And their support is great.

You have one as well?

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Posted (edited)

One of the most important aspects of a product is the delivery process and the shape it gets to the person who ordered it. For example, I have been ordering acrylic Displays China, and this company has the best prices and the best quality, in my opinion. I have ordered multiple dimensions and shapes, and everything was more than perfect. I am a nail tech, and I displayed all my nail polishes on some acrylic shelves and all the accessories. That's why I needed different dimensions and shapes.

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